Everyone! This is a family friendly event and all are welcome! If you are new to geek culture, or just want to see what the big deal is, we encourage you to come and have fun!



If you request a refund and provide a justification that the convention leads determine to be legitimate, they will refund your ticket. If you are ejected from the convention for breaking our rules or policies, you will not receive a refund.

Yes, we will have a booth where you may purchase tickets to the convention at the entrance. There will also be a booth for those who pre-purchased their tickets. If you did pre-purchase your ticket please bring a the receipt to verify your purchase.

No, to redeem your pre-purchased tickets there will be a booth at the entrance to do so. Please bring your receipt as proof of purchase.

Yes, but the Staff request that you CONTACT us to let us know of the situation so that when the time comes to redeem the tickets with the receipt we will know what’s going on. Also, children and teens (ages 7-16) are not allowed to attend without an adult or guardian with them.

No, all children and teens (ages 7-16) must have a parent or guardian present with them.

Yes, please CONTACT us to apply for a press pass. Applying does not guarantee that you’ll get a press pass.

Yes, there will be panels hosted by various locals and special guests. At this time Panels have no extra charge.

We strive to provide a safe space for all of our attendees. However, if another attendee makes you feel uncomfortable please inform a staff or volunteer so that we can take actions to resolve the problem.

The practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game. Cosplayers see their hobby as a way to express themselves while celebrating a character they enjoy.



Shoals Geek Expo is an annual celebration of Comic, Geek, and Pop Culture. We have special guests, gaming, tournaments, and encourage cosplay.


Shoals Geek Expo strives to provide a safe, family-friendly environment for people of all backgrounds to celebrate the things they love.